Meal Prep Bundle

4-weeks of perfectly balanced meals to healĀ the root cause of your hormone imbalances!
ONLY $47!

Want to enjoy food AND manage PCOS? Now you can.

Imagine this - you wake up in the morning looking forward to the meals you're eating today since they not only bring you joy, they also help balance your hormones and reverse the most stubborn PCOS symptoms (such as cravings, anxiety, acne, fatigue, hair loss, belly fat & missing periods). 

Sounds like a dream, I know...

Despite what you've been told, the best PCOS diet is exciting, inclusive of ALL foods and anything but boring.

When you eat the right combinations of foods and include nutrients that address your PCOS root causes, you'll discover both food freedom AND major symptom relief within days. Get ready to meet your energetic, craving-free, happy self - she's pretty awesome!

P.S Feel free to drop those keto recipes & gluten free meal plans in the recycling bin and never look back.


It’s Time To Leave Sad Salad Behind...

and let the foodie in you come to life, without an ounce of guilt! 


Prep Bundle

4 Weeks of PCOS-Proof meals that actually taste good.

I've bundled my top recipes, kitchen hacks, product recommendations and time-saving shortcuts into this resource.  Here's what you get:

  • Weekly meal plans that naturally address the most common PCOS drivers with drool-worthy recipes for all meals & snacks.
  • Recipe collections to accompany your plan with modifications & swaps in case you see an ingredient you don't like or can't have.
  • Done-for-you grocery lists (no truffle oil or salt from the depths of the ocean, only ingredients you can find at your standard store) 
  • Meal Prep Guide for each plan to help you manage time in the kitchen and feel efficient in planning food for your busy week.
  • Favorite Food Finds so you can save time while shopping and feel confident you're picking the best products for your body 
    • (relevant mostly to USA grocery stores)

Insulin Resistance Plan

This plan addresses the most common root cause of PCOS with blood sugar friendly meals and protein & fiber-loaded recipes that satisfy. Learn how to combine foods and prevent sugar crashes or hangry attacks. (By the way, carbs and gluten are definitely included daily here!). 

Inflammation-Reduction Plan

Did you know PCOS is a chronic inflammatory condition? The good news is that low grade inflammation can be fully reversed with the right foods and nutrients. We're turning up the volume on the TOP ingredients to tame the flame in this meal plan. 

Androgen Reduction Plan

Hair loss, hirsutism, acne and missing periods all indicate male hormone such as testosterone are high in your body. Worry not! This meal plan will show you how to eat to lower them and stop struggling with those stubborn issues. The best part? these meals are hella delicious!

Stress & Anxiety Relief plan

You can call it the "feel-good" or "mood-food" plan - these meals are here to lower stress, provide a happy boost and keep you energized to take on the day! Packed with serotonin-boosting nutrients known to enhance mood and keep you calm, these recipes are sure to feel just right when life gets hectic.

The PCOS Pantry Mini Training

Set up your PCOS pantry like a pro. Learn which items are best for your body, how to swap out the less-than-ideal ones and what to look for on a food label. Consider this your all-in-one guide to a perfectly stocked pantry that helps balance hormones naturally.

Favorite Grocery Store Finds

Recommended brands and products including images (breads, salad dressings, yogurt, easy proteins and more) that make shopping easier and meet your exact nutritional needs. No more head scratching in aisle 3!


I'm Dafna.

Registered Dietitian &
PCOS Expert.

I also LOVE food! Over the past decade, I’ve helped thousands of women discover the main drivers behind their PCOS symptoms and create food plans to address them (without dieting!).  I firmly believe you can enjoy food AND heal your hormones at the same time. It's all about knowing which meals work with your body and creating a sustainable eating routine that meets your needs.  

Managing PCOS with strict diets or quick fix solutions simply doesn't work. It's also super hard to keep up! Instead, I created this bundle to show you that there's a better (and tastier!) way to address your PCOS root causes without sacrificing your time, joy or sanity. Healthy eating can be simple, fun and super effective in reducing your symptoms, even if nothing else worked so far! This bundle will show you how to eat your way there.

To healthy, delicious meals that never get old!


"My husband and I have been using the lunch and dinner recipes and they are delicious! We haven't come across a recipe we don't like yet."


"Went grocery shopping this afternoon and I just want to say "thank you!" for making these meals so budget friendly and easy! Amazing! I've been in a baked chicken, veggies and rice rut and feeling burnt out before!"


Is The Bundle Right For You?


The meal prep bundle is designed for women with PCOS who are:

  • Self-proclaimed "guilty foodies" who want to enjoy their meals without worrying about worsening PCOS symptoms or eating the wRoNg stuff.
  • Ready to stop feeling confused or anxious about their food choices and instead gain confidence around eating.
  • Strapped for time and need help with planning and preparing a weekly meal plan that can be easy carried out when life gets busy.
  • Enjoy cooking and exploring new recipes that are quick, easy and PCOS proof (but the entire family can enjoy, too!)
If this sounds like you, the bundle may just become your new BFF.

PCOS Meal Prep Bundle

Instant access!

One-Time Payment

ONLY $47

4 weekly meal plans specific for PCOS

Done-for-you grocery shopping list

Complete prep-guides for each week

BONUS: PCOS Pantry mini trainingĀ 

BONUS: Favorite food finds at your local grocery store

I'm already hungry!