78. Snacking For PCOS

Welcome back to the Down to Earth Nutrition Podcast!

I'm excited to be back to podcasting after a long break during which I was focusing on my amazing coaching clients inside Reset Your PCOS and Pause The Pounds - hundreds of women have gone through these programs in the past year, and I'm so grateful for the opportunity to be part of their healing journey.

That being said, I felt a huge calling to come back because I know the podcast can serve as a wonderful educational tool for women with PCOS that cuts through the misinformation surrounding the syndrome (and there's a lot of it!). I want you to have a place to find good, backed-by-science information that is free and accessible so that you can start managing PCOS in a way that works for YOU.

On today's episode, we are talking about snacking with PCOS. I chat about what counts as a snack, the best ways to snack specifically for PCOS, how to build the perfect snack, stay fuller for longer and curb those cravings!

We'll also discuss whether eating frequently throughout the day is beneficial for PCOS, how to keep blood sugar stable and improve insulin resistance using snacks while preventing impulsive eating and/or binging. Lastly, I will share a couple quick & easy ways to put a balanced snack together and give you some specific examples to inspire your next mini meal. We've got a lot to cover!

What you will learn on this podcast episode:

  • What counts as a snack?
  • Benefits of snacking.
  • Busting myths around snacking with PCOS.
  • How often we should be snacking with PCOS?
  • A Quick Guide: How to build a balanced snack.
  • Food combinations to ensure you’re fuller for longer and managing insulin resistance.
  • Important things to remember for strategic snacking that helps you reach your goals!

Useful Episode Links:

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Check it out here: https://www.learn.dafnachazin.com/pcos-meal-bundle

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